Fire detection company, RTEK Fire Solutions

Prevent damage to your premises, detect fire before it's out of control

Fire detection systems installer in Cape Town, RTEK Fire Solutions aims to save thousands of lives and prevent damage to properties caused by fire. To achieve this goal, we design, install and maintain effective fire prevention systems for different premises.

The steps we take to deliver each successful project

Apart from technical knowledge, planning is vital in every successful project. We place priority on superior customer service and delivering the most effective fire prevention solutions which makes us one of the leading fire detection companies in South Africa.

We start off with advice

We provide expert advice to help you choose a suitable fire detection system for your premises

Designing of the system

We then design your system as per our agreement and your property type requirements

The project execution

Our experts install, deploy and do all mandatory tests to your fire detection system for effectiveness

System maintenance

We also provide fire detection maintenance, annual maintenance and system updates.

Don't risk your investments, call RTEK today for a fire risk assessment

Protect your premises from fire

Preventing fire can save you a lot of money than you’ll spend repairing damages. Different premises require different protection requirements. At RTEK we know when to use hybrid fire detectors over a smoke detector or heat detector alone.

How a fire detection system works?

A fire detection system is used to detect smoke or heat to prevent fire. An effective system eradicates damage by ensuring fire is prevented before it even starts. Fire detectors also connect to a alarm monitoring system to alert when there’s a fire.

We're an accredited member of S.A.Q.C.C and Fire Protection Association of Southern Africa

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