Rtek offers dynamic and effective solutions that secure people and property with some of the most innovative technology that is very reliable, cost efficient and keeps a client satisfied.

 Intruder Detection Alarms

Monitoring & Armed Response

Access Control Systems



Fire Detection Systems & Fire Alarm Systems


An intruder alarm system is designed to detect intruder presence at your premises. When detected, a siren will activate and communicate an alarm signal to one of our highly sophisticated Monitoring centers, from where the most appropriate and effective response will be coordinated. Intruder systems can be either hard wired or wireless.

 The purpose of an intruder alarm system is to:
– protect the physical assets and people within a particular premises
– deter crime and vandalism
– ensure a prompt armed response service is dispatched in response to the alarm signal
Fire Detection Systems & Fire Alarm Systems

Access Control Systems

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Rtek Fire Solutions has one of the latest generation of industry leading access control and bio-metric access control security systems that offer powerful advances in digital video management, smart card applications, bio-metric integration and open IT systems.

Access control systems can cater for an unlimited number of users, with proximity cards, uniquely encoded key ring tags or bio-metrics (fingerprint readers and scanners)