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RTEK specialists in fire suppression solutions based in Cape Town, South Africa. In addition to fire detection, our technicians design, install and maintain advanced fire suppression technology tailored to your suppression system requirements.

Commercial Fire Suppression Systems

Foam fire suppression for Highly flammable environments

Foam fire suppression for Highly flammable environments

Foam suppression systems are designed to prevent the spread of fires in most highly flammable environments such as commercial kitchens, airports, and manufacturing plants.

The foam technology expands rapidly to cover large areas that need to be filled quickly. Foam technology removes oxygen, the fire’s source, and also prevents combustion.

Synthetic/Chemical fire suppression systems

These fire suppressants are designed to reduce heat. Basically the agents are very similar to refrigerants. Due to the nature of the fire suppression technique, these refrigerants only require a small concentration. This means less cylinders and lower pressures. Oxygen level are also not significantly reduced which also makes them safe to use within occupied spaces.

Fire Detection Systems South Africa

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Water Based Suppression systems

Generally these systems are not suitable for total flooding of computer rooms and other typical fire suppression applications. Water mist fire suppression system are particularly good for extinguishing or suppressing fire that burn at high temperatures. The fire itself is used as a medium for drawing in the water vapours as it burns and this suppresses itself.